Karakorum Mountains, Pakistan

Concordia is a place in the Karakorum Mountains where many glaciers meet. Among them, the Austin-Godwin descends from K2 to Concordia, and the Baltoro descends from Concordia. My trek left the town of Skardu and ascended the Baltoro to Concordia, which is at about 15,000 feet.

The town of Skardu.







This is actually the Biafo Glacier, which descends a side valley.

Logs are put out to cross a section of rock where the trail has collapsed.

The trail was washed out at this rock wall, at the Dumordo River. We had to traverse this face. If you look closely and the center-left, you can see the zig-zag route.

A closeup of the traverse.

Look closely at the near the top and you can see the line of the traverse. It was hundreds of feet straight up.

Then we had to cross the river.


Camp next to the Dumordo River.



A tough crossing on day 2 of Trango Creek.



The Baltoro Glacier.


Because the Pakistani Army has a camp up high, they have a trail maintenance crew.

Resting at camp next to the glacier.

The Baltoro Valley ahs some of the largest granite spires in the world.

This is Uli Biaho. The upper face alone is 4000 vertical feet.

Camping on the glacier itself.



Masherbrum Peak.

Walking on the glacier.

I think that this is the Mustagh Tower.


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