After my four-week trek in the Karakorums, and a break in Rawalpindi, I headed for Hunza. The Karakorum Highway, which connects Pakistan to China, passes through this once very remote valley. So it is now accessible by bus. This is the place where people once supposedly lived very long lives, supposedly a model for Shangri La.

Mountains tower over the Hunza Valley.

Dried fruit, particularly apricots, is one thing that Hunza is known for. Here some apricots are drying.

An old fort.

Swirling waters in an acqueduct.

On the left, an acqueduct runs through the building, serving as a refrigerator.

Hunza is also famous for its acqueducts. It almost never rains, but the huge glaciers in the surrounding mountains drain into the valley.

The next three photos show some of the makeshift trails in the area. The glacier-carved region is very unstable soils.

Rakaposhi, the highest mountain in the region.

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