I headed up onto Mt Hood for a night at Elk Cove and a hike up Barrett Sput. I get up on Mt Hood a lot less than on Mt Adams, mainly due to crowds, as I found this time. Elk Cove was crowded with campers.

Heat and smoke from regional forest fires were pretty oppressive down low but though conditions were better at the trailhead at Laurance Lake, it was still smoky.

Most of the hike up goes through the Dollar Lake Fire burn and there was a feast of fireweed on the way

Talk about feasts, the huckleberries were intense for a while midway up

western pasque flower and astor were intense in Elk Cove

Next morning it was a good bit clearer

more astor heading up towards Barrett Spur

more hippie heads (western pasque flower) heading up

500 feet above Elk Cove, Dollar Puddle is starting to get grungy

Looking up along the curving Barrett Spur from near it's start; only the lower summit is visible

At the notch on Barrett Spur at about 7200 feet, looking up at steeper terrain to the lower summit

The view from the lower summit, as far as I went, at about 7700 feet