There are two routes in/out of the Enchantments: the west route via Colchuck Lake that we took, and the east route via Snow Lake. The Snow Lake route is longer and has a much larger altitude gain (it starts 2000 feet lower), but is not as steep. Our trip to Snow Lake took us out of the Enchantments to our last camp at Snow Lake.

We got back to camp from the Loop hike at just after 3pm. we hit the trail at 4pm and knew it was going to be a long day. We got to camp at Snow Lake at about 7:30pm.

Upper and Lower Snow Lakes from a long distance

Viviane Lake and the granite slabs that form the first part of the descent.

The rebar section of trail. Metal wrungs are drilled into the rock. The upper ones still have some concrete attached, but the lower ones, that need it the most because they cross the wet rock, have lost their concrete.

Crossing a snow slope just below the rebar

A path has been chipped into this granite slab to provide more traction

Snow Creek

Snow Lake looking up at the Enchantments

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