From Baker Lake, take the trail back and just away from the shore turn right where some logs at the edge of the trail indicate. There is no real trail on the ground there, but there are large piles of rocks, some 2-3 feet tall. After a few hundred yards the trail appears and is easy to follow from then on. Baker Lake is 10,600 feet and the pass is 11.400 feet.

This leads you to a nice cirque leading up to the pass

With this nice mountain creek

Thew trail is clear most of the way but gets faint near the pass

Rather than head down the other side, you can turn left and hike up the ridge 500 more feet to the summit of Pyramid Peak. Here is how it looks from the lake

And from the summit looking north to Wheeler Peak

Then head down the slippery path to Johnson Lake

This cable car led up to an old mine, though with clouds growing, I did not go to check it out

Johnson Lake

What we just came down

There were camps on a small ridge overlooking the lake, but thunderstorms were approaching and they seemed exposed, so we camped next to the meadow below the lake

Some of the miner's cabins a little below

Going out the next day on the South Fork Baker Creek trail, a nice meadow

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