With an early snowmelt this year, I visited Indian Corral on the Memorial Day weekend. I took the Panjab Trail up, about 2300 feet gain in 6 miles or so. Tons of campers down low, a few daytrippers on the trail (including four on horse) and only one other group camped there, down near Dunlap Spring. The flower peak was the week before so I missed that, but not the expansive meadows that the area is famous for.

Trailhead sign

Panjab trail and creek

First view of the corral area, which stretches a long way

Camp. I was a quarter mile from water at Dunlap Spring, but had the views to make up for it.

Sunshine didn't last long

flowers were past their peak but still around

Going for an evening stroll

Evening strolls are a good time for wildlife: elk

and whitetail deer

On Sunday I hiked southeast on the Mt Misery Trail. About 2 or 3 miles away is Clover Spring, right next to the trail. A nice place to camp is just above.

Saw a bear in the area

Looking across at Oregon Butte - quite a bit of snow still up there. The lookout can barely be seen on the left.