Kachemak Bay State Park backpack continued

Glacier camp at Tarn Lake.

Bog on Glacier Trail.

Peaks from Glacier Trail.

Lupines on Glacier Trail.

Yurt at Humpy Creek trailhead. (I didn't use it)

My Humpy Creek camp.

Humpy Creek enters Kachemak Bay.

Mountains from Humpy Creek.

Low tide beach.

Coastline north of Humpy Creek.

On the beach.

Humpy Creek.

Here I am on the Humpy Creek bridge.

Low tide at the beach.

Tundra-like beach.

Glacier Spit Trail.

Glacier Spit beach.

Cramped Glacier Spit camp.

View from Glacier Spit.

Kachemak Bay and Homer Spit.

Pickup at the end of my trip.

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