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During 2006 I spent about six months digitizing decades of slides and prints from the 1980's and 1990's. I didn't switch to a digital camera until about 2002 or 2003. This process was possible because the cost of decent slide scanners dropped so much (I used a Canon CanoScan 8400F) - it cost about $125. Next came the six month process to upload the photos to these web pages.

Since then, I have been uploading new travels constantly. Major trips get an entry in the year they were taken. But many shorter local trips are entered into the Columbia River Gorge section constantly.

Mt Adams is Washington's second tallest mountain and 30 miles north of me. It is one of my most frequent backpacking destinations. See my index page for Mt Adams trips


Note: I do not create reports for every trip I go on.

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Within the Columbia River Gorge area:

Augspurger Mountain Trail (6 pics)
Badger Creek to Badger Lake (15 pics)
Barrett Spur on Mt. Hood
Bennett Pass
Berry Camp, Trapper Creek area
Benson Plateau
Bird Creek Meadows
Cape Horn
Casey Camp, Herman Creek (14 pics)
Catherine Creek (15 pictures)
Cooper Spur (23 pictures)
Coyote Wall area
Coyote Wall Snowshoe
Deadwood Camp, Gorton Creek Trail (7 pictures)
Mt. Defiance/Starvation Ridge (23 pictures)
Deschutes River Trail (5 pictures)
Dog Mountain in wildflower season (12 pictures)
Eagle Creek (20 pictures)
Eagle-Benson Trail (18 pictures)
Falls Creek (16 pictures)
Gillette Lake area (21 pictures)
Ski to Gotchen Ck Guard Station (4 pictures)
Grassy Knoll (9 pictures)
Green Point Mtn (10 pictures)
Herman Creek Funginess (20 pictures)
Hospital Hill (17 pictures)
Hole-in-the-Ground snow camping (7 pictures)
Indian Heaven Wilderness (18 pictures)
Indian Heaven lake backpack (10 pictures)
Blue Lake in Indian Heaven
Indian Heaven PCT-CCT Loop (21 pictures)
Indian Heaven - Lemei Rock and Wapiki Lake (17 pictures)
Wapiki Lake in June
Klickitat Trail (14 pictures)
Labyrinth (8 pictures)
Lava beds (5 pictures)
Lewis River Trail (15 pictures)
Lewis River Trail in late November
Lewis River Trail 2017
McNeil Point - Mt Hood (11 pictures)
Mt Adams page
Mt Hamilton (13 pictures)
Panther Creek area (8 pictures)
Ramona Falls and Paradise Park - Mt Hood (11 pics)
Red Mountain Lookout (12 pictures)
Road 54 Snow Camp (11 pictures)
Rock Lake Snowshoe
Salmon River (Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness; 15 pictures)
Sleeping Beauty (22 pictures)
Soda Peaks Lake (Trapper Creek Wilderness; 25 pictures)
Stagman Ridge to Horseshoe Mdws and Mt Adams in spring snow
Swamp Creek Camp (14 pictures)
Table Mountain (5 pictures)
Tanner Ridge (10 pictures)
Teakettle Spring Camp (12 pictures)
Tilly Jane Guard House (15 pictures)
Tomlike Mountain (10 pictures)
Trapper Creek and Observation Peak (33 pictures)
Vista Ridge, Mt Hood (19 pictures)
Wahtum Lake loop (Wyeth/North Lake/Benson Plateau)
Warren Lake dayhike (15 pictures) and backpack (12 pictures)
Wicky Creek Shelter 2 pictures
Wind Mountain 15 pictures)
Wyeth trail (4 pictures)
Yocum Ridge (13 pictures)

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