Quartz Creek is a tributary to the Lewis River, west of Mt Adams. The Quartz Creek Trail (#5) has a lot of ups and downs, so is often well above Quartz Creek. It then connects to the Boundary Trail (#1) and the Summit Prairie Trail (#2, along Quartz Creek Ridge), which are both open to motorcycles, which creates some deep ravines. You then drop down the Quartz Creek Butte Trail (#5C) back to Quartz Creek, about 4 miles above the trailhead.

It's a very lush area

The collapsed bridge across barely running Platinum Creek has been pulled aside

Colorful fungus

Some of the biggest trees this side of the Olympics

Confluence of Quartz and Straight Creeks

I like these old bridges

This frog was the size of my hand

Junction with the Boundary Trail

Motorcycle trail; I saw a few groups of riders during the day

Mt. Rainier from a side trail viewpoint

Snow at 5000 feet! This lasted one and off for miles and slowed me down a lot

Site of an old lookout

Jumbo Peak on the Dark Divide

The easiest way to get here: unofficial trail connecting to Road 9085

Mt. Adams

Camp for night 2, on trail 5C next to Quartz Creek

Feet, log, creek

Quartz Creek

This yellow/orange rock was common, and very slippery