After my camping in Strathcona Provincial Park, I decided to take some R&R on one of the small islands in between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Quadra Island is very close to Vancouver Island - the ferry takes 10 minutes. I got a room in a nice B&B right on the water and did a dayhike as well as a kayak trip with a group in the area.

Line for car ferry.

Vew from Quadra Island B&B window.

Hike to Nugedzi Lake.

Little Nugedzi Lake.

Nugedzi Lake.

The Seymour Straits are the narrow channel separating Quadra Island from Vancouver Island.

Lush forest on Nugedzi Lake trail.

Looking towards mainland British Columbia.

Rebecca Spit beach

Heriot Bay.

Stars from during the kayak trip

Back of Heron House B&B on Quadra Island.

Heriot Bay beach.

Heron House deck.

Hreon House view.

Dean at Heron House.


Ferry to Vancouver.

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