After hiking up the steep East Fork trail and wading across the east fork, we turned left on a barely discernable dip in the meadow which turned into this steep road once past the meadow

The white mariposa lily became ubiquitous as we got higher, and for the rest of the trip

The road eventually got in the open and climbed up the ridge to the high point here

Eventually the Norway Trail cut off the right of the road

Across the way was this beautiful valley, which I eventually figured out was our route out and down from Pine Lakes

The flowers got better as we got higher up

Norway Pass is in view

Lupines were the most common

The trail crossed Norway Creek just below the pass so we got some water

Finally at Norway Pass at 7600 feet! There was a nice and roomy camp in those trees on the right

And unusually Norway Creek flowed right over the pass

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