This 13,063 foot peak, second highest in Nevada, is a dayhike (no camping allowed in immediate area) on a trail that starts at about 10,100 feet. So it is a 2900 foot gain in about 4.3 miles. The first part of the trail contours through open forest to attain the ridge and then follows the ridge to the top. It is very exposed and thunderstorms are common but this was not an issue the day I climbed it. It was 2 3/4 hours up for me, a half hour on top, and 2 hours down. It has been some years since I have been as high as 13000 feet and the effects of altitude on my pace were obvious.

The peak from near the trailhead

Closer view, with the ridgline that the trail follows

Stella Lake is about 100 yards off the trail near the bottom

On the ridge now. It was hot down below, but a breeze and the altitude of almost 11,000 feet here helped keep things reasonable


alpine flowers above 12,000 feet

I just did that?

Getting rocky for the last part

Looking south from the summit

Alpine flowers at 13,000 feet

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